Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors

Welcome to Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors

"...The most realistic scares ever achieved in a UK tour attraction" - ScareTOUR

Something new is coming for 2020!

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak and social distancing regulations, we are unable to run Halloween Horrors for 2020. We didn't want to let you down however, so we've put together an evening of Ghastly Ghost Stories.

This will be very different to how Halloween Horrors is usually run in that this is NOT a hands on event, and tickets are limited to a group of 15 people every hour. We will still have live actors and there will still be scares, however this is more of a spiritual investigation as opposed to a horror event. We guarantee you'll still be in for a good time though.


Come and join us if you dare...

Are you brave enough to venture into the depths of Fort Amherst at night?

You have heard tales of the spirits
which possess those deep, dark tunnels...
but they can't be real...
can they?

Some say, the spirits at Fort Amherst
become restless at All Hallows Eve
and walk the grounds...
can you tell the living, from the dead?

Join the investigation team,
as they uncover the truth...